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Quick and easy calibration tool for Tasmota

This tool will help you to recalibrate your Tasmota device.
It will calculate the current based on the power and voltage you enter.
Once you've entered the values, you can copy the command to your clipboard and paste it into the Tasmota console.

The full procedure is described in the Tasmota docs: Tasmota Docs / Features / Power Monitoring Calibration You will need a a known wattage load with a power factor as close to 1 as possible (e.g., a resistive load) for best results.
This could be a light bulb, a heater, or a kettle.

  1. Connect the load (e.g., a 60W incandescent light bulb) to your device
  2. Open the web UI browser windows for your power monitoring device
  3. Turn on your load, and wait a few seconds for the readings to stabilise
  4. Enter the expected voltage and power values into the form above
  5. Copy the command from the form below and paste it into the Tasmota console